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The village of ANATOLI holds its written history from Byzantine and Venetian times. It has retained its medieval architectural character and its rich natural environment, while it is at close distance, 12-20 km, to some of the most beautiful, sandy, blue flag beaches of southeastern Crete. At 600m altitude it captures fantastic views to the sea while being surrounded by olive groves, gigantic rock formations and natural spring waters.

The southeastern part of the island hides some of the nicest surprises. Two exotic beaches at the Islands of Chrissi and Lefki, are a must to be visited and can be explored by taking a boat from Ierapetra and Makrigialos.

Crete, on the whole, is a mountainous island. Its mountain ranges are torn apart by magnificent, deep, wild gorges, which begin at high altitudes and usually end up at the coast..

Eating out. Recommended cretan food and restaurants

Crete is the birthplace of the first European civilization, the Minoan, which flourished between 3000 BC and 1200 BC mainly in Central and Eastern Crete.The Minoan fleet, the strongest of its era, as evidenced by several findings in the Mediterranean, brought wealth to Crete from the trade of the famous Cretan cypress and agricultural products.

Explore the cretan medieval monuments and byzantine monasteries

A vast number of museums highlight the history and life of Cretan Island.
Archaeological museums are usually the most exciting and the most important in the island is the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, gathering findings of the Minoan civilization and its interaction with Egypt. The exhibition of frescoes from Knossos site is a must to see.

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Housed in the building of former Ottoman School.

A small collection of antiquities, consisting mainly of a rare collection of sarcophagus, from the area of Ierapetra

Ierapetra Archaeological Collection
Ierapetra Archaeological Collection

Pastries & Coffee

KORONATO: a family pastry, cookies and ice cream shop- excellent quality (located right behind the Archaeological Collection)

VETERANO Coffee, Pastries and Bread Shop: right in the central square of the town it is the place to find a great variety of all kinds of pastries, cakes, ice cream, cookies, breads, crackers, seed bars etc

Local products

CHANIOTAKIS Super Market (on the ring road on Ierapetra) open all days of the week, all year round

SUPER MARKETS PROMOTING LOCAL PRODUCTS (cheese, yogurt, olive oil, honey, herbs, wines, bread rusts, etc)

  • FISH SHOPS along the street….excellent fresh fish, every day, from local fishermen (we are lucky enough not to have a big port)
  • OPEN FRUIT AND VEGETABLE MARKET- every Saturday along the street …


NAPOLEON : (on the seafront of Old Port) excellent Cretan food (closed on Sundays)

GORGONA: (on the seafront of the Old Port)- excellent sea food and fish dishes

KLEIO RESTAURANT (on the coastal, eastern part of the city) a very nice restaurant with exquisite Mediterranean food, mixed with local recipes and products.

Discover Anatoli Village & Eastern Crete

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