Route I (Heraklion airport - Dorovinis through mountainous villages Prina/ Kalamafka)

At the entrance of the village there is a sign pointing towards Prina/Kalamafka/Malles,  the villages before and after Anatoli. Take a right turn at the sign and continue through these villages. It is a very picturesque road, but narrow with bends,  that it is advisable to  take during day time, on the first time of your travel. At 12 km you arrive in Anatoli, at the highest part of the village. The first building to your left is Manolis tavern and down the street at the second junction there is a Mini Market and a sign pointing left towards SMARAGDA HOUSE.

SMARAGDA AND PERSEPHONE HOUSES. You park on widening of the street and follow the walkway. At 20m it crosses with the Old Market Street. Turn right and there you will see Smaragda House to the left and Persephone House to the right.

PASIPHAE HOUSE: Continue on the main street and after crossing the village you are in a little square with a statue. Take a left turn towards Ierapetra and after a loop you are at the bottom of the village. At the sign of Pasiphae House, you leave the main road,  turning left and following a village road around a derelict building (the Old Oil refinery) you will arrive in 50m at the Old School. You park there and the second walkway to your left takes you to the house (10m).

Route I

Route II (Heraklion - Anatoli via Ierapetra) Autoroute from Heraklion - Agios Nikolaos - Ierapetra

You continue the main road towards Ierapetra (this is not any more a highway but a good, two lanes, road fairly straight). At 24km you reach Ierapetra. Take a right turn towards Gra Lygia/Myrtos. At the end of the ring road you are out of the city with the sea to your left. At 4km you see a supermarket at your left, and right after two blocks take a right turn at the sign pointing towards Anatoli (beware the sign is a little inside the road). You continue straight and in 12km you arrive in Anatoli,  with the village hanging at your right.

PASIPHAE HOUSE: Continuing on the main road till you reach the Old Refinery building to your right and a sign pointing towards Pasiphae House. Take a right turn and follow directions as above

SMARAGDA AND PERSEPHONE HOUSES: You continue on the main road till you reach the little circle with a statue. Take a right turn and cross the village till the other end. At about 100m you reach a Mini Market and a sign pointing toward Smaragda House. Follow directions as above.

Route II


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